• Royal Engineers Museum

    Broadstairs Housing

    The aim of my proposal: is to satisfy the initial development phase which is to provide housing that offers a good place to live rather than just an investment asset, a hotel which offers a rich experience instead of a clinical experience, and to provide Broadstairs with new public spaces and a welcome addition to the existing rich fabric of buildings.

    The master-planning stage found that the cliff face should be preserved, as it is an integral part of the character of Broadstairs. In order to do this development at the cliff face would be sparse allowing views to the cliff. Here would be placed the residential accommodation where sparse development suits it's domestic and practical needs. In places where the cliff has been covered in reinforced concrete, green walls will occupy these places. Development would then become gradually more concentrated towards the north-east, reflecting the existing trend in the site, so that the part of the development with the greatest density, the hotel, would be placed at the developments termination.

    After the master-planning stage I found that by moving the hotel block towards the boundary and leaving the space behind it, it could be a new public square. The level of the new square would be the same as the existing parade by putting the car park beneath it. The car park which of course does not need any views and can be subterranean.