A Home, an Office and a University

A re-appraisal of Sir Albert Richardson (1880-1964), 50 years after the architect, educator and collector died - through the design of a museum and satellite campus for the Bartlett and Slade.

Tower Hill Community

A building for a community of construction workers, critiquing the banal architecture of modern London with an architecture informed by "A Pattern Language".

Royal Engineers Museum narrative model

Model exhibited at the 2012 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

This model made from paper, wire and card sought to convey the narrative behind the Royal Engineers Museum project.

Royal Engineers Museum

Nominated for the RIBA Bronze Medal 2011

The narrative for the design for the museum of the Royal Engineers is rooted in my childhood experiences in Kent, discovering World War Two pillboxes in the countryside.

Broadstairs Housing

The aim of my proposal: is to satisfy the initial development phase which is to provide housing that offers a good place to live rather than just an investment asset, a hotel which offers a rich experience instead of a clinical experience, and to provi...
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